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We welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you’ve enjoyed, what bothered you, what you wish we’d do for next year, or what you hope we’ll never do again.

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It would be helpful for the threads to:

  1. Link back to their session on sched. For example, Linked data and the future of information sharing should link back to NISO Plus 2021: Linked data and the future of informatio...

  2. Include the same abstract and speaker data in discourse as on sched.

  3. Have the moderators post a summary of the questions raised in the chat and/or in session panel in the thread either during or following the session.

As it is now, the threads are just have one line, which isn’t much of a jumping off point for discussion.

There also is a limit of two links per post by new users (n.b. this is a Discourse forum default). It would be helpful to remove this limit as:

  1. This is a new forum and most, if not all, of us are new registrants

  2. This is a virtual conference about mostly virtual systems and therefore there is likely to be many threads requiring multiple hyperlinks, e.g. to referenced resources.

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Great suggestions! We will definitely be trying to add questions here, but couldn’t do so prior to the sessions (obvously)…and most of us are moving from session to session, but we’ll do our very best!

We’ll do our best to add links back…

and the hyperlink thing should be fixed.


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I’ve just used the to wonder around (, and as at a real conference on the first day, wondered around the vastly carpeted floors to see the lay of the land, saw the as-yet empty sponsor stands, the relaxation room, took a meditative stroll on the beach before taking a turn at the cocktail stand. And who should I bump into but Jason Griffey himself! Very happy to say it was the first time I’ve ‘bumped into’ someone virtually at a conference (not quite as serendipitously as it felt, since Jason was kindly doing rounds and making people feel welcome), but am delighted to be able to report and experience a virtual social / networking space back to Bath Spa Uni library, where I’m from. I’ve been curious about virtual spaces for meetings since lockdown, conferences and gigs in Minecraft, etc, having never used Second Life or anything like that, and this looks to work very well. I’m happy to report that I have the same feeling I had after leaving unConference way back in 2009 at the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol where I met lots of librarians / programmers, open source people and artists, and to have got that virtually is a great thing amindst an ongoing lockdown where novelty and none-Netflix / Amazon / podcast-induced discovery or serendipity is very rare – thanks NISO for setting it all up and I look forward to joining in later (very later, in the UK!). I recommend giving a go :smile: :+1: :+1: