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I’m not seeing a link to the recording of the keynote session today yet. Do you know when that’s likely to be added? (I’m partly checking to see if I really have to get up early enough to catch tomorrow’s keynote, vs. just watching it a few hours later on video).

that’s in process even as I type (video is rendering/converting in the background). Will take another couple of hours to get it uploaded and into the system, but it’ll be up in the next couple of hours…

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thank you!

Hey Jason - how do I join a Jeopardy team? Can’t see any instructions on the session’s Sched page…

Everyone that joins will be separated into teams, if they wish…no worries, you’ll be assigned!

OK cool - thanks! There was something in one of the email sent out about joining a team, so I thought I missed something…

Will recordings be available to attendees after Thursday? For how long?

The recordings will be available for at least the next six months.

Please consider sending an enhancement request to Cadmore Media to enable linking to a specific time in a video playback.

Not only can you do that, you can also create custom clips and more. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right, and you can bookmark in a number of ways. Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.58.39 PM

Ah! Totally missed the hamburger menu. Thanks, @griffey!

Will slide decks for all presentations be made available? if so, where?

I’ve seen one uploaded to thus far: NISO Plus 2021: Libraries and the importance of infrastr...

Hello! We asked speakers to provide them, and to upload them directly to Sched…many have not done so. We are asking again in a followup email, but ultimately it’s their decision whether to share or not.

If there’s a particular session you’d love to have the slides for, definitely ask in the Discourse thread!

@alainna we will also be uploading all available slides to our Figshare repository over the coming weeks :slight_smile: