Innovative forms of scholarly publishing

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Looking forward to our session tomorrow, and the conversation on the evolution of scholarly communication with co-panelists - lots of interesting overlap with the Humanities in the information Ecosystem - how do we join these two conversations?? :+1:

Right there with you. Just about innovation time.

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It’s eerily quiet waiting for the video to start :upside_down_face:

I know. But it will arrive right on the dot.

Thanks everyone for a great session! Look forward to continuing the discussion here :slight_smile:

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One thing I keep coming back to, and is somewhat related to Stephanie’s about marketing, is ‘amplification’ - think this was noted in the chat too re: impact? Something to weave into the metadata conversation, perhaps?

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Hello, I had a question for Sara Jo Cohen. You had discussed creating a new product type (peer-reviewed rap album). My organization is also looking into a new product type that would include video. One of our considerations is whether authors will have the technical skills to provide good quality videos. I know our product is different from yours, but I’m wondering what level of technical editing or support (if any) you provided?

Thanks for this, I’ll let Sara know about your question :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this question. We don’t provide any technical help for authors creating video files. We let them know what kinds of files we can work with, what our accessibility requirements are, and then leave them to create their materials. Most of our authors are affiliated with universities in some capacity, so if they need tech help, they often turn to resources at their university for support. Feel free to email with any follow-up questions:

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Thanks very much!

Happy to help. Definitely let me know if you have any further questions.