Invitation to join NISO Plus follow-up workshop on integrating repositories into the publication process

Hi everyone
As you know, part of our plan for NISO Plus was to organize follow-up workshops for some of the ideas coming out of the conference, to focus on crafting NISO “work item proposals” — the basis for our projects — for consideration by NISO topic committees and Voting Members for approval as formal NISO development projects.

The first of these follow-up workshops will be held via Zoom on April 15 (10am - 12pm ET) and will focus on developing a work item proposal on Getting publisher-related functionality integrated into repositories to facilitate integration of repositories into traditional publication processes. If you’re interested in attending, please either let us know here or contact Nettie (who’s organizing it) directly at


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The followign topics may be of interest to many:

  1. Innovative forms of Scholarly Publishing
  2. Role of Libraries in handling fake news
  3. The future of Intellectual Property Rights: Al and Machine Learning
  4. Describing, sharing, protecting, and saving Research Data

Thank you. I am interested and I will email Nettie.