NISO DEIA survey

Hi everyone

As many of you know, issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility were not only covered in their own right during NISO Plus 21, but also came up in many other sessions. As part of our follow-up work from the conference, therefore, our DEI Committee is helping us plan and implement a virtual workshop (to be held twice to cover multiple time zones) to identify and prioritize concrete actions we can take, as an organization and a community, to support and increase DEI and accessibility. To help us plan and prepare for this workshop, we are conducting a community survey. We invite you to share your feedback with us - it should only take about 10 minutes and will be used to help us shape the agenda for the workshop.

The survey is open through May 28, and is open to everyone in the information community, so please feel free to share it with colleagues as well.

Thank you!

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