NISO Plus sponsors - request for help!

Hi everyone, it was great to see so many of you on our call earlier!

As mentioned, we would very much appreciate your help identifying potential sponsors for NISO Plus 21. Our goal is to make some content openly available and to offer the rest at a low cost, so that as many people as possible can participate. In order to do so, we are relying on the generosity of our community in the form of sponsorship. We already have several confirmed sponsors; if you have suggestions for others - and especially if you have contact points/can make introductions or sound them out about their interest - that would be fantastic.

There’s information about the sponsorship options on the NISO Plus website - they range from US$500 - 10,000 so we hope there’s something that will work for most organizations.

If you have ideas, please either share them here or email me.

Thank you so much!

So sorry I had to miss the call earlier. I’ll get thinking! Thanks so much for the updates, lovely Alice.

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There is a company based in Hong Kong called iGroup (Asia Pacific) Limited. Apart from their own products, they are the local agent in many countries in the region for organizations like IEEE, ACS Publishing, etc.

iGroup often sponsor local conferences here, and they may be interested in sponsoring NISO Plus. Alice, shall I put you in touch with them?

Yes, please do! That would be perfect…they sound like a good candidate.

You beat me to it @griffey - I’m just looking at emails now I’m back from vacation and was about to reply to say the same thing! Thanks so much @chris for the suggestion and (in advance!) for the introduction.

Sure thing @ameadows!

I have just sent a message to my contact at iGroup, and copied you on the email.

Got it, thanks @chris - I’ll respond shortly!