Open access implementation pain points

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Welcome to the session!

All - I’m in the process of organizing two events in the next 12 months to explore what data space standards would be required for interoperable OA usage data exchange. Please LMK by email ( if you’d like to be involved.

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Not sure how to post in this forum so I’ll put my food for thought here:

The folks who change behavior are the ones with money. Funders, tenure committees etc, well funded big labs, etc. This is a very small elite group – often run privately – without a ton of transparency. Fair enough, it’s their money. How do we feel about the fact that a very small group of privileged wealthy individuals (culturally, regionally homogenous) drive who researches, what they research, how they’re funded, how they disseminate their work? There is a STRUCTURAL, systemic issue that the powers that be seem loathe to engage with… #rantover

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Sara, thoughts are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer. Now with that said, the burden that is landing on publishers - especially smaller niche non-profit publishers is enormous. The costs are very real. What I find fascinating is the funders tell the authors where they can/can’t publish - and put the onus on the author to be compliant. But funders or their representatives do contact the publishers saying “why aren’t you in compliance?” It’s exhausting! So to answer your question.

I would love it if funders could engage with all aspects of the publishing ecosystem so as to understand the costs (beyond just dollar costs). It is infuriating that a dozen and a half very wealthy funders are now setting the rules for how all of publishing works.

I may not be making sense here. These are thoughts I often don’t say out loud because I dont want to be attacked as “anti.” I’m not anti. I’m pragmatic. So there you go - to answer your question - it bugs the you know what out of me.

Just to note, SSP recently ran two funder/publisher workshops which I attended (@srouhi you probably know about these from Alison Mudditt, who was involved in organizing them). They included reps from a number of funders - large and small, private and government, including some from the global south - and I was surprised and gratified by their level of engagement and interest in talking about these issues with publishers. Hopefully a small step in the right direction…

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@ameadows This sounds terrific. I’m looking forward to progress :slight_smile:

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