Planning for 2 separately-recorded presentations

@ameadows and @griffey,

The two topics that were put together for the “Knowledgebases and Next Steps” program are not closely enough related to each other, and we couldn’t combine them into a single coherent presentation. The presenters and I (as moderator) are planning on breaking up the time into presentation-q/a-presentation-q/a, along these lines:

  • 20 minutes from Ben and Davin on the KBART validator
  • 15 minutes for question/answer
  • 20 minutes from Christine and Athena on Package ID
  • 15 minutes for question/answer
  • 5 minutes for final thoughts

I am assuming that the recording can be split up into the two parts. Who will be controlling the playback…will that be me as moderator?

So sorry Peter I only just saw this. I’m not sure if we can run the session quite as you suggest - I’m going to loop @griffey in via email to continue the conversation with you there.